• Apr.1994

    Apr.1994 - The Beginning

    Founded in 1994 and based in Russia, we were one of the first companies who started the sales of the photofinishing equipment in Russian Federation and CIS countries. A good number (more than 200 sets) of Noritsu and Fujifilm minilabs were imported from Japan. Strong technical support and crystal clear reputation helped us to become […]

  • Jun.1994

    Jun.1994 - Service

    Growing number of customers’ demands made us start sales of the spare parts for minilabs and establish a technical support department with well-trained and high-qualified service engineers. In spare parts sales, we also were the first who used the idea to send the spare parts directly from the supplier’s warehouse in Japan to the customer’s […]

  • Jan.2001

    Jan.2001 - Experience

    After the start of sales of digital photo labs, we met with our customers’ requires who wanted to have their defective laser unit repaired. We decided to begin accepting orders for the laser units’ repair with forwarding them to the manufacturer’s service center in Japan for repair service. Simultaneously, we tried to gain an experience in defining […]

  • Dec.2007

    Dec.2007 - Research

    Until the end of 2007, the deep research into lasers was finished and it allowed us to start the development of our first laser by our design. We started to offer our service for laser repair.

  • Feb.2009

    Feb.2009 - The Brand


  • May.2009
    laser diode at

    May.2009 - First SLD

    Our first BLUE laser on semiconductor laser diode basis was developed by our research center. The laser had a 450nm laser diode as the main emitting element and shown the perfect stability during tests. The new design of our laser module received the name – SLD [Semiconductor Laser Diode]. We decided to break the practice […]

  • Aug.2009
    fujifilm diode module made by

    Aug.2009 - Fujifilm Laser Module

    A few models of our new diode blue lasers were launched onto the world market. They were developed for Fujifilm Frontier 330/340, Fujifilm Frontier 350/370/390, Fujifilm Frontier 500 and for Noritsu QSS 30/31/32/33 minilabs. Great success and good sales. More reliable and easier in an installation. Having almost plug & play design, these modules were […]

  • Jan.2012

    Jan.2012 - The Big Game

    The creation of ONE universal laser for any Noritsu laser type gave the huge advantage before all competitors. The world’s first (and the last) universal laser brought us lots of serious companies as our dealers. The Universal Laser #001 made in January 2012 still have been working in Russia.

  • Jan.2012

    Jan.2012 - Universal Module

    The creation of ONE universal laser for any Noritsu laser type gave the huge advantage before all competitors. The world’s first (and the last) universal laser brought us lots of serious companies as our dealers. The Universal Laser #001 made in January 2012 still have been working in Russia.

  • Sep.2012

    Sep.2012 - PHOTOKINA 2012

    MINILABLASER.COM participated on Photokina World Exhibition in Cologne (Germany) where successfully presented three new products: – 525 nm GREEN UNIVERSAL LASER FOR NORITSU [SLD DESIGN] – 460 nm BLUE UNIVERSAL LASER FOR NORITSU [SLD DESIGN] – 525 nm SLD LASER for NORITSU, FUJIFILM minilabs

  • Jan.2013

    Jan.2013 - AGFA Laser Repair

    In January 2013 we started to accept orders for the upgrade of all dated Solid State Laser (SSL) modules for all AGFA minilabs from dated DPSS design into Semiconductor laser diode design. Our AGFA SLD modules perfectly have been working in AGFA D-Lab2, D-Lab 2 Select, Netlabs, and others minilabs around the world for many years. […]

  • Mar.2014

    Mar.2014 - New AOM driver

    On 15 March 2012, we finished the final quality tests of our newly developed AOM driver with unique Standby mode and started the assembly of the first batch of AOM drivers. New AOM driver received a new temperature stabilization circuit, more reliable components, new fan on magnetic suspension and improved design if to compare with […]

  • Sep.2014

    Sep.2014 - PHOTOKINA 2014

    On Photokina World Exhibition we successfully presented four new products: – BLUE AND GREEN LASER FOR AGFA [SLD DESIGN] – BLUE AND GREEN LASER FOR DURST [SLD DESIGN] – BLUE AND GREEN LASER FOR IMETTO [SLD DESIGN] The world’s first – NEW AOM DRIVER with StandBy mode for NORITSU

  • Jan.2016

    Jan.2016 - New Idea

    Semi-universal new SLD 462 nm & 530 nm lasers with the integrated laser driver for all Noritsu minilabs were launched onto the world market. It gives an ability to use one module on any Noritsu minilabs, equipped with type A/A1 or type B/B1.

  • Jun.2017

    Jun.2017 - Durst Laser repair

    We began to offer a repair service for all Durst minilabs, equipped with Solid State Lasers. Any Durst minilab equipped with Solid State Lasers (SSL) can be upgraded from DPSS to SLD level. Also, you can order a repair of your DPSS laser module. We also offer our custom made new diode lasers for all […]

  • May.2018

    May.2018 - Gas Laser Repair

    We began to offer a repair service for all Agfa and Durst minilabs, equipped with Gas Lasers. As a result of the repair works a customer receives the New Tube new Ignition board and 1-year guarantee / 5000 hours (whatever occurs first).




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