Noritsu Order Control Software



Noritsu P/N Z810493-01
Designed for QSS32 / QSS33 / QSS35 series labs.
The Order Control software (Order Controller) works in conjunction with the C.A.U. (Compact Archive Unit) software to enhance print efficiency by managing all orders input with the QSS and networked terminals. It enables you to set the print priority level of each order, freely move orders up and down in the order queue screen, and interrupt an order being printed to give preference to a separate order that needs to be printed right away.

The Order Controller enables to interrupt order in the process to give preference to a separate order and print it right away. It also helps to improve efficiency by controlling queued print orders and performing multitasking, enabling you to print while judging a separate order.

Order controller features:
– Order management
– Concurrent processing in the background
– Order priority management
– Interrupting orders to print rush orders
– Automatic input of CT orders
– Reprinting completed orders
– Interrupting and resuming printing
– Managing the finish and delivery time

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