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Z810457-01 Noritsu Hot Folder software CD


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Noritsu Hot Folder software CD is for printing the orders transferred to the shared folder of the printer.
Preparation of the order on the external PC and the application software to transfer the orders to the shared the folder should be provided by customers.
Noritsu Hot Folder software is designed to help professional;
photofinishing labs maximize digital workflow output and give even more utility to their Noritsu minilab.
Noritsu Hot Folder is a script-driven interface to the Noritsu NetOrder application programming interface (API)
found on the Noritsu R2R-1100 Pro Roll to Roll Digital Printers, Noritsu QSS-31Pro and Noritsu QSS-2800, 2900, 3000, 3100 series fully digital minilabs.
Because Noritsu Hot Folder is script-driven, photo labs do not need to develop sophisticated software in order to send images across their network to a Noritsu digital printer.
When a lab operator wants to use an image editing software package that is incompatible with a Noritsu fully digital printer or minilab,
the lab operator creates a simple Noritsu Hot Folder electronic work order.
That work order utilizes Noritsu Hot Folder script command language to automate digital image workflow.

Noritsu manuals are in a kit:
– HotFolder Command File Specification
– HotFolder Installation manual and
– HotFolder Operator’s Manual

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