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Noritsu PC Upgrade kit

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The smart way to reduce the processing time of pictures in Noritsu minilabs.



Noritsu PC Upgrade kit is a computer upgrade for Noritsu minilabs which helps to significantly decrease the processing time of pictures in old models of Noritsu minilabs.
The Kit contents all required essential software and programs such as QSS Software (Main System Software), Profile Data, Digital Ice, Multi-Frame Print, Capacity Booster (if the original PC has it), etc.
The installation of all other software is possible by your additional order by special prices.
Condition of the components: new.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Minilab Model

QSS 29, QSS30, QSS31, QSS32, QSS32SD, QSS33, QSS33SD, QSS34, QSS35

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