Semiconductor Laser Diode [SLD] module made by is a laser source that irradiates a focused laser beam with wavelength 460 or 530 nm.
It can be installed inside of a laser unit of any Noritsu laser minilab in place of an outdated diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser module. The advantages of SLD laser diode module are the high efficiency and low power consumption compared to conventional DPSS or CO2 lasers.
Low power consumption gives longer lifetime.
If to compare with a conventional DPSS laser module, SLD laser module has fewer components and it significantly reduces the risk of a failure.


At, diode laser modules are designed and built according to our customer’s labs’ specific requirements. All laser modules were designed from scratch by our research center and use our know-how to deliver one of the best design on the market to our customers.
In addition to optics design, we emphasize mechanical design as well as assembly engineering of the highest quality.


All laser modules made by can be used as a replacement for the Shimadzu or Showa laser module, made by DPSS technology.
They can be connected to the original Laser drivers PCB.

Any Noritsu mini laboratories can use our new or upgraded lasers:
QSS 30 series
QSS 31 series
QSS 32 series
QSS 33 series
QSS 34 series
QSS 35 series
QSS 37 series  (Green module),
QSS 38 series  (Green module)


New SLD laser module is fully independent of the minilab’s “brains”. When you connect it to the original laser driver PCB, It takes only power supply 5V or 12V from it.
Our laser uses its own laser controller (laser driver) integrated into the laser module.
It provides a trouble-free operation where the current limit circuit cleanly clamps laser diode current without ringing or overshoot.
New SLD module also has an ultra-stable temperature control.
The last generation of SLD laser modules has the ultimate design and the most reliable components made in the EU.

Vitaly Lavrentiev

Senior Electronics Engineer

” The sixth generation of our SLD laser module has the strongest protection against all probable electrical interference, ESD, and surges.
You will be satisfied by it’s reliability.”

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You Will Have

Full History Records

Our module records all valued parameters, including quantity of working hours and the date of the first start.

100% Static-Proof

The new generation of our lasers has an improved protection against ESD due to extra electronic PCB inside.

Made in Russia

We make our lasers at a local military aviation plant with the strongest quality control. The same is for military air-fighters.

Easy Installation

We sell pre-adjusted modules. In most cases, all you need is to install it and run the lab. Just plug & play.

Heavy Duty Components

We use only high-quality and heavy duty components to build our lasers. Long lifetime is guaranteed.

Incredible Support

We are always online and always answer email. All urgent questions will be solved in a short time.

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Installation Manual is in a kit

Don’t worry if you are inexperienced in replacing laser modules and fine-tuning the laser beam.

You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to install and fine-tune the laser beam, in which all installation and adjustment procedures are detailed by our engineers with pictures.

100% of our customers have already successfully installed their laser modules according to our instructions.

So you can do it too.

Do you have questions or concerns about the installation process?

Ask us!

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Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Collect Information

To save your time and go directly to the essence of the problem, read our website, where we have gathered a lot of useful information about the symptoms of faulty lasers. Access to the site’s content is limited to non-club members, so we recommend that you join our club of professionals and buy a membership subscription to read the description of errors and find all possible solutions. Membership also gives you the opportunity to have an online support through chat or instant messengers.

2. Define the type of your Laser

If you have a Noritsu minilab with a defective laser it is a bit tricky to determine what type of laser it is. Noritsu has different types of lasers. It is easy to determine the type of laser if to look at the serial of the laser unit or parts numbers of the laser drivers.
You can find all the information about how to determine the type of your laser simply by purchasing a membership plan and then click on the button below:

3.  Order a Laser

If your laser is defective, you will be asked to fill out a special form with all the details of the payer, including the delivery address, mobile phone number, etc. Based on this information, we will issue an invoice. We will deduct your expenses from the invoice if you paid for an annual membership plan or a one-time support ticket, trying to collect information about the problem. You can purchase a laser module here:

4. Make Payment

If you do not have a Paypal account or do not want to buy a laser with a credit/debit card, we can bill you. Please fill out the order form and send it to us. After receiving the Order Form, we will send you an invoice to pay for the new laser module. You can pay T/T to our bank account, Visa / MasterCard or Western Union / Moneygram. We accept all types of money transfers.
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