Today we received another unit of HS1800 Noritsu film scanner and pleased to offer it for sale.
The kit consists of:
– HS1800A Stand-alone USB film scanner serial 23210473
– 135/250 AFC-II film carrier
– 120AFC-II film carrier
Software Kit:
– HS1800 system program v.7.0. for Win7/10 x64
– TWAIN driver
– Digital Masking Software v.1.00
– Special correction software kit:
– Tone Curve Software Z810306-01
– Spot correction Software Z810305-01
– Soft Filter Software Z810304-01
– Scene Correction Software Z810307-01
– Cross Filter Software Z810303-01
– HS1800 full set of manuals
– HS1800 parts list
– USB cable v.2.0
– cable to mains
– antistatic brush and
– antistatic brush holder
– New 35 mm Cleaning leader strips (2 pcs).

The perfect working condition.
Performed all required adjustments of focus for all type of films.

Price is 9900,00 EURO.

9900 €