Jun.1994 - Service

Growing number of customers’ demands made us start sales of the spare parts for minilabs and establish a technical support department with well-trained and high-qualified service engineers.
In spare parts sales, we also were the first who used the idea to send the spare parts directly from the supplier’s warehouse in Japan to the customer’s place.
Lots of service centers and lab owners from all around the world buy the spare parts for Noritsu and Fujifilm minilabs using our service.
We sell only the genuine spare parts made in Japan.

Our “Platinum dealer” status gives us a possibility to offer our customers very attractive pricing and shorter lead time.
Prices depend on the volume of the order and even after the first order the customer has a 5% lifetime discount for all future orders.
If you want to check our prices – make a trial order and compare our service with your spare parts supplier.
Please fill in the form here and you will receive a quotation at the same or the next day.

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