Recommended error-handling routine after an error occurs
Part 1


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To avoid basic causes of screen errors, always follow the installation requirements:
– The machines should be used in places with a relative humidity of 30 to 75% and an ambient temperature of 18 to 30 ° C. Otherwise, use an air conditioning system.
– Do not install the machine in a very dusty or highly vibrating place.
– Do not raise or lower the room temperature suddenly. If you do this, moisture in the air can condense on the machine, causing the laser guns to fog up, malfunctioning electronics and circuit boards, etc. D.

Please read the manual carefully before using the machine, and then handle the machine correctly.

Be sure to keep the Service Manual close to the machine so that you can refer to it straight away if you have any operational questions or problems.
If you have no guides, feel free to send us a request and we will provide you with one shortly.

Ground the machine to ground resistance of fewer than 4 Ohms.

Due to the many different screen errors that can appear during the laboratory laser process or setup procedures, we will only explain a few common errors for your quick reference and corrective action:

Seek professional help to complete the steps necessary to determine the cause of the error.

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W-2527 G laser (G-SHG) current exceeds the specified range
W-2528 B laser (B-SHG)  current exceeds the specified range.
E-2524  G laser (G-SHG) current measurement value outside specified range
E-2525  B laser (B-SHG) current measurement value outside specified range

Feature of the problem: pop-up error or warning message.
Model: Any Fujifilm Frontier Lab

Likely cause 1: poor contact
Likely Cause 2: Faulty LDD20 PCB
Likely cause 3: worn-out laser module

1. Replace the LDD20 board and see the result.
2. Try to reconnect all cables around the laser device. Sometimes this message can be caused by bad contact.
3. But the most likely cause is the condition of the laser diode (LD):

The current has reached the so-called “impaired detection level”.
This shows that the LD is not in good condition (damaged).

Perform “B-Laser Optimal Temperature Adjustment” – sometimes this can postpone the problem for a while.
If you have the “B-laser optimal temperature setting – NG” – the laser module needs to be repaired.

Note to all clients:
Our SLD modules for Fujifilm Frontier do not require temperature optimization. So there is no need to perform this on regular basis.

Resume: Laser repair is required.
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E-2521 Excessive G laser (G-SHG) current detected.
E-2522 Excessive B laser (B-SHG)  current detected.

Feature of the problem: an error message appeared.
Affects different Frontier models with different error code names.

Probable cause:
The laser diode (LD) current has reached its limit. The laser module has reached the end of its service life.
– Faulty LDD board
– Blown fuse (FC01, FC02, or FC03) of LDD circuit board
– Incorrect data in the laser unit
– Faulty laser unit (Green laser module).

There are no end user-serviceable parts inside.
Any unprofessional tampering may damage the internal contents and the laser module cannot be repaired.

The only way to make the module work is to send it to us for repair (upgrade).
Send us a request to receive a high-quality repair or a new module.

Resume: Laser repair is required.
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W-2532. G laser (G-SHG) optimal temperature setting periods.

Feature of the problem: a warning message appeared.

Possible Cause 1: Three months have passed since the last setting of the optimum temperature.

Possible Cause 2: 30 days have passed since the date of shipment.

Perform “Optimal Laser Temperature G, B (SHG)”


NOTE. Start this menu two hours after turning on the LD.

This allows sufficient time for the laser to warm up.

Resume: Laser repair is NOT required.
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No error code but the lines are on each print.

The Feature of the issue: Lots of colored lines on the prints.
all Fujifilm Frontier.

Probable Cause: the red laser is out of order.

If you have pictures with such red-blue stripes it means that emission of the RED laser is weak and it affects synchronization.

Resume: Laser repair is required.
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E-2503 Polygon malfunction

Specific problem: error E-2503 is generated.
Models: All Fujifilm Frontier Series.

Probable cause:
1. The polygon is out of order.
The polygon unit located in the laser unit must be repaired or replaced with a new one. The polygon can fail due to a number of different reasons: defective motor, lack of power, etc. Please do not touch the inside of the laser device. There is no end user-serviceable parts inside. Such a malfunction of the laser device requires qualified repair.
Contact us if you need a repair of a polygonal block with a guarantee.

2. LDD23 P.C.B. does not work.
Please check the condition of the LDD23 board before sending the laser device for repair. Contact us if you need a new PCB for your laboratory. It will be delivered to your office directly from Japan.

Resume: Laser repair is required if the LDD23 circuit board is in working condition.
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E-2529 “S.O.S. detection failed”
E-06073-0001 “Synchronous Sensor Error”

Feature of the problem: an error message appeared.
These errors mean that your minilab cannot receive a “sync signal” from a specific laser beam (different labs use different laser beams as the sync source).

Possible Causes 1: Faulty AOM driver (synchronization is done by different AOM drivers in different Frontiers models)
Possible causes 2: defective AOM crystal.
Possible Reasons 3: Poor communication between:
Possible reasons 3.1. AOM driver and imaging board (different labs call this board differently)
Possible reasons 3.2. AOM driver and AOM (crystal)
Possible Causes 4. The mirror is in the wrong position to reflect and cannot reflect the beam to the beam receiver.

First of all, do the following:
1. We recommend that you invite a service engineer and have access to the optical section (laser installation). Open the laser unit, taking proper precautions against static electricity and dust.

Check the position of the mirror. If it looks good and is securely in place, moves on to the next breakpoint.

2. Replace the red AOM driver with a green AOM driver. Or replace the channel cables if you have a 2-channel AOM driver. This will determine the state of the Red AOM driver. If you swapped it and there are no errors, your Red AOM driver is defective and needs to be replaced.

A faulty AOM driver cannot be a cause of the E-2529 error code on the Frontier LP5500 / LP5700 series.
Please search for the cause of the quality of cable connection/ connectors, the condition of R laser itself, the condition of LDD PCB, and the quality of output voltage of power suppliers.

Our company can make a high-quality repair of your defective AOM driver with a guarantee.

swapping frontier before

If you don’t want to remove the drivers and put them back in, just change the cables and see the result.

ATTENTION: cables must be crossed at the top and bottom! Some end users encountering this error simply change only the top cables and forget to change the bottom ones. So don’t forget about it!

If you have reversed the AOM drivers and you have:
1. No error code 2529 and no magenta – the R-AOM driver is dead.
2. If you have no changes – the AOM crystal may be dead (located inside the optical section/laser unit). In this case, it is necessary to replace the AOM crystal.

We also have this for urgent delivery.

Resume: Laser repair is not required (if AOM driver works well).

AOM drivers’ cables changes
how to check Fujifilm AOM driver

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E-2519 “AOM temperature error occurred” + E-2529 “S.O.S. detection failed”

Model: Any Frontier minilab.
Feature of the problem: an error message appeared.

Possible Cause: No required voltage. PSU is defective.

if you have such a set of errors at one time, it means that there is probably no power (24V) going to the AOM driver and because of this the AOM driver cannot enter the operating mode and as a result the system issues E-Error 2529 ” SOS detection error “

Corrective measures: check the power supply unit (PSU).

Resume: Laser repair is NOT required.
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No error code but Setup test print is without yellow color

Model: Any Frontier minilab Specifics of the problem: Yellow is not visible on prints. Likely Cause: The blue channel AOM driver is defective. You can get such an image during print setup without any error on the screen. Corrective Action: First of all – try swapping the AOM drivers and find out which one is faulty. If you have a similar test print without blue or magenta stripes, do the same with the AOM drivers. This way you will determine which one is faulty. How to swap AOM drivers – read here .
Resume:  Laser repair is not required.
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W-2538 Anti-dust filter of laser unit is about to its lifetime.
E-LP-2539 Anti-dust filter of laser unit is about to its periodic replacing time

Feature of the problem: a warning appeared . Possible reason. The dustproof glass is dirty. Corrective action: Wipe the laser dust glass from back to front using a clean, soft cloth. IMPORTANT: * You can wipe it from front to back. But, if you wipe it multiple times, be sure to wipe in the same direction. If it is wiped back and forth, the removed dirt may return to the glass surface. * Do not use liquids containing alcohol for cleaning. This may adversely affect printing. Use clean water. Do not press down on the fabric while cleaning! See the Service Manual for Detailed Procedures. If you don’t have it, click here .
Resume: Laser repair is not required.

minilablaser laser unit filter change

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W-2541 Periodic time to set the optimal temperatures of B laser (SHG)

Feature of the problem: a warning message appeared.
The same error you can see regarding the green laser.
Nothing to worry about.

Corrective action: Perform optimal laser temperature G, B (SHG)
in menu 0522 to set the optimum temperature for laser B.

Do the following:

1. Setting up and maintenance -> Setting up / maintaining the printer -> Setting the optimal temperature for laser G, B (SHG).

2. Find B-SHG and press the RUN button.

3. Wait until the end of the temperature optimization.

4. Exit the menu and continue printing.

Resume:   Laser repair is not required.
perform temp setup
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No error code but Setup test has no black color

Model: All Frontier Laboratories.
The peculiarity of the room: black is not black, but a little bluish.

Probable cause 1. Weak or contaminated chemicals.
Probable cause 2: Incorrect replenishment process.
Probable Cause 3: Faulty valve in the refill pump (or pump).
Probable cause 4: Faulty AOM driver.
Probable cause 5: faulty AOM (crystal)
Possible Cause 6: Incorrect top-up process.
If a change in black color appeared within 2-3 days – the most likely reason that the replenishment procedures were performed incorrectly.
Possible cause 7: The valve in the refill pump (or pump) is faulty.

If it took longer to detect, the likely cause is a faulty valve in the booster pump or the pump itself.

Check this.

How to check chemicals:
Please expose the paper in daylight (take out 10-15cm of paper from the paper store, wait 5 seconds and pull back)
Place the paper magazine in the lab and start the paper feed.

See the result.

If you have a black piece of paper:
Possible Cause: Faulty AOM driver.
– the reason is not in the chemicals, but in a faulty AOM driver or AOM crystal.
See the article above on how to determine which AOM driver is faulty.

If you have a 2-channel AOM driver:

Swap all the wires of the blue channel with all the wires of the green channel, make a test, and see the result.

If you have a 1-channel AOM driver:

Replace it with another / next AOM driver and print the test.
If the color of the test changes, the AOM driver is faulty.
If there are no changes, you have a more serious problem:

Possible cause: faulty AOM (crystal).
– Defective AOM crystal located inside the laser unit.

In this case, you will not be able to repair it yourself.

If you have a sheet of paper that is not black, but blue:
– the chemicals are weak or contaminated.
Possible Cause: Weak or contaminated chemicals.

– dirty P1 – replace chemicals (working tank P1)
– low temperature – search for the cause (burned-out heating element, loss of values ​​in the software, etc.)
– low refill rate (check all refill pumps)
– low circulation in working containers (check all circulation pumps and filters for clogging).

In other words, replace the chemical (working containers only) and find the reason for its weakness.

How to replace solutions: read above, please.

If the black is still not black but bluish, even if you find that all AOM drivers are in working order and all chemicals have recently been changed, it’s time to ask us.
Send us a request with a printout of your condition settings scanned at 600 dpi.

Don’t forget to add print screens:
Laser data B
G-laser data
R-laser data
Checking laser exposure
Laser history (last table)

Resume: Laser repair is required if the chemicals and AOM drivers are in normal condition.
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