C4/C5 DI Print/Data Writing Service Software




C4/C5 DI Print/Data Writing Service Software for Fujifilm Digital Minilab FRONTIER 330/350/370/390 SP1500/SP2000 and LP1500SC/LP2000SC.
(1) Full Automatic Red-eye Correction
In the DSC printing and data writing service, the red-eye image can be fully corrected automatically.
The Full Automatic Red-eye Correction is set to ON/OFF for each order in the DI Print [C4] screen.
To use this function, it is necessary to install the [C14](Full Automatic Red-eye Correction software)
(2) HV Image Support
Fujifilm Digital Still Cameras support the HV-size shooting. This version of DI Print[C4]
recognizes the aspect ratio of the images automatically when reading them, and if L-size and HV-size
images are mixed in the order, a caution message will be issued and the sizes are displayed.
(3) Improvement in Image Quality
(4) New Flatbed Scanner for PtoP
EPSON Flatbed Scanner “Perfection4870” is newly supported.

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