Laser module for Durst (SSL)


Solid-State Laser (SSL) module for Durst Theta 5* (Green), Durst Zeta Plus, and Durst lambda 131 minilabs.
Upgraded from DPSS to SLD level.
Manufacturer: Shimadzu Corp. (Japan)
HK-9057-03 / HK9255-02 SLD Blue
HK-9057-04 / HK9255-03 SLD Green

HK-9155-04 Blue
HK-9155-05 Green


Designed for use with Durst minilabs:
Durst Theta 5* series
Laser head Shimadzu Blue HK-9057-03
Wavelength: 462 nm
Laser head Shimadzu Green HK9755-03/HK-9057-04
Wavelength: 525 nm

Durst Lambda 131
Laser head Shimadzu Blue HK9255-02/HK-9057-03
Wavelength: 462 nm
Laser head Shimadzu Green HK9255-03/HK-9057-04
Wavelength: 525 nm

Durst Zeta Plus
Laser head Shimadzu Blue HK9155-04
Wavelength: 462 nm
Laser head Shimadzu Green HK9155-05
Wavelength: 525 nm

Version: 7.1
Upgraded from DPSS to SLD level by
Design: SLD (Semiconductor Laser Diode)
A warranty period is 1 year from the date of installation (You can keep it on a shelf for an emergency case).
Built-in driver (laser module controller)
ESD and surge protection PCB.
Working hours counter.
Highly stable output.
1. Please wear laser protection goggles with a range of 400~600 nm to protect your eyes during all installation works.
2. Price is on an exchange basis. The buyer has to return an old defective laser module to the vendor’s exchange fund after replacement.
3. Installation and laser beam fine adjustment procedures must be performed by Durst certified service engineer.

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Weight 0.4 kg

HK9255-02 462nm (Blue), HK9255-03 525nm (Green), HK9155-04 462nm (Blue), HK9155-05 525nm (Green)

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