Fujifilm SP3000 film scanner


Fuji Frontier SP3000
Auto 135 and 120 manual carrier
120 mirror box with a set of negative insert masks
Workstation with pre-installed software pack

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The Fujifilm SP3000 is in good working condition and has been checked by our service engineer in all modes.
The focus and tilt are also adjusted with special jigs.
Supposed to be used as a standalone unit.
A 120-kit is in the price
The kit consists of:
– MFC10AY manual film carrier
– 135 Mount original Fujifilm insert mask
– 6 x 7 original Fujifilm insert mask
– 6 x 4,5 custom-made insert mask
– 6 x 6 custom-made insert mask
– 6 x 9 custom-made insert mask
– Dia original Fujifilm insert mask
– Calibration original Fujifilm insert mask
– 120 mirror box (custom-made)

All negative masks we create at our facility are developed by our design center and printed on high-precision 3D equipment using special filaments designed for such products so that they can guarantee sufficient rigidity and at the same time gentle treatment of the scanned film.
These masks are of very good quality, which is confirmed by the number of sales and the lack of complaints from our customers.

The scanner has 2 PCs:
– server PC with MS series programs pre-installed
– scanner PC

The workstation has a complete software package necessary to work with the scanner without additional monetary investments.
The scanner has an automatic selection of voltages and frequency of power supply 110/220V 50/60Hz, so there is no need to modify power supplies.


Payment must be made to a German bank account via the bank transfer system in 100% prepayment.
We do not accept payment by Paypal for such sort of equipment due to its huge fee.
Or, if you prefer Paypal payment please contact us and we will issue an invoice by Paypal with a 6% fee added to the stated price.

The price does not include delivery.

Delivery is possible by air or sea to any country in the world. The scanner takes the volume of one pallet.

Location: Hamburg (DE).
The equipment is offered by a partner firm.
The owner of the equipment bears all obligations for the fulfillment of the transaction.