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The New AOM driver with a StandBy mode

Huge resource. Innovative design.
Helps to save your money.

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All AOM drivers on the market have an outdated design in which all the elements work constantly, even if you are not printing photos. Therefore, laboratory owners change AOM drivers so often. And that is why we decided to create our new AOM driver with the ability to be in standby mode during idle time, which significantly increases its resource.



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Our clients receive a new AOM driver as a repair kit.
All you need is:
– unscrew the 4 screws and have the driver’s body divided into two parts.
– replace an old fan with the new fan from the repair kit.
– replace the faulty working part with PCB with new working parts from our kit.
Replacement takes 3-4 minutes and can be performed by any person without any special skills in electronics repair.

After replacing and installing our new AOM driver to your photo lab, you can send a faulty work part to us for high-quality repair at a special price.




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that you’ll receive


Long Guarantee

You will have a 2-years guarantee. No question. All you need is just return it to us and we will send another driver.


Premium Customer Service

Our company is always on-line and guarantees strong technical support. You can contact us by telephone, by e-mail or WhatsApp/Viber call or chat.


Sureness in quality

By installing our new AOM driver in the laboratory, you can be sure of its good quality. This will work for a very long time. No tricks. No kidding.


Loyal Customer Program

Being our customer is beneficial for you. By purchasing any of our products (AOM driver or laser module), you will receive a 5% lifetime discount on spare parts for Noritsu mini laboratories.


Installation Manual

Although installation is extremely simple, we will send you a detailed installation guide with information on how to assemble the AOM driver using our repair kit.


Best Quality

We are confident that our AOM driver is the best in the world. It has a breaking-through design with an intelligent radiator solution. This will help you save money and forget about the problem of replacing the AOM driver for years to come.




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