Protective goggles 200-540nm


Laser Safety Glasses for the laser technician.
Can be worn over prescription glasses.
Application: KTP lasers safetyND: YAG Laser protection 2 line YAG, Q-Switch, Green laser Safety, Blue Laser safety.

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Protection Scope:200 – 540nm O.D 6+ & 900 – 1100nm O.D 5+ ; Visible light transmittance: 30%;
Typical laser wavelength:355nm,405nm,532nm, 980nm , 1064nm
Application: Alexandrite, Diode, ND: YAG Laser protection, KTP Laser safety, and Q-switched Tattoo Removal Laser Protective
Laser Hair Removal Safety, Green laser Safety Glasses, Blue Laser safety Glasses, Picosecond laser safety Glasses(blue), UV laser Protection
Special for ergonomics, harmlessness, comforts, airing, and flexibility.Safety glasses with wrap-around design. Flank with unique ventilation and protection system, protect eyes from splashing all-round.
Special Remarks: Do not use alcohol or alcohol-containing disinfectant to wipe the frame.