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Written by Eugene

05.05.2020 in google search rating

Good news from Google!

Good news from Google!
Today, we were pleased with the search engine for its information on the results for April, where we set a kind of record for site visits over the month and the number of search queries.
I think this information will be useful for those who plan to order advertising for their company on our website.
1,390 search queries
We thank everyone who unwittingly participated in the creation of this record for 2020!
We will try to make our site even more interesting and more informative, thanks to the information that you inform us about problems that have occurred with your photo labs.

I hope now you understand that it is also profitable to place your used or new equipment for sale to
This address of our new project is visible on every single page of the website so all visitors will be able to see your equipment exposed for sale on

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