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Written by Eugene

Hi, All
I guess it is time to start a blog on my website.
Here I will try to publish some news about our products, ideas, tricky cases in laser repair and some thoughts roaming in my mind.
So today I am pleased to inform you that our blog was born.

First of all, I want to invite you to visit the new website Profoto.online I made for all who needs to have a photo printed by professionals on PRO-level equipment with the perfect quality.
You can place an order there and pay online to receive the photos in a very short time printed on the premium-quality FUJIFILM photo paper or special display materials like Fujiftrans or Fujiflex to use it in advertising indoor and outdoor light boxes.

The quality of the pictures is really gorgeous.
Having us as a professional photo provider you can start a new business in your photoshop and begin to collect the orders for large-size photos.
Right now there is a special action is in progress and you can try our service with 15% discount using promo code: PROFOTO15OFF.
The action is valid till 31.03.2019.

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  1. Congrats!

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