3-Years Guarantee!

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Written by Evgenii


Hi, everyone!
I hope you all know that we offer a 2-years guarantee for all our SLD laser modules.
Today I am pleased to inform about the great news:

Minilablaser.com is the first company in the world who extends the guarantee period from 2 years up to 3-years for all laser modules of type B and B1 for Noritsu minilabs and for all laser modules for Fujifilm minilabs!

All Noritsu laser modules of type A/A1 will still remain on the 2-years guarantee for a short time due to the non-finished tests of our new protection PCB.
We will inform you a bit later upon the finish and results of the tests and the date of 3-years guarantee extension for type A/A1 modules.

We are confident in the highest quality of our lasers so you can offer the same guarantee extension to your customers who are on your service plans and need laser repair service.

Welcome to our store!

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