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Customize and have unique t-shirt on!

Dear colleagues,
Today I am pleased to present our new project JEEKLS.COM dedicated to the customization of any casual wear and I hope it will also help you to customize a t-shirt, bag for your service engineers.
You all know how important to look professionally before clients.

Here the link for direct access to the page where you can customize the corporate clothing:

It is easy to use:
1. Choose the product in the Design Lab category.
2. Choose color and size and click on “Customize”
3. In the customization tool just add a logo of your company and any text. You can add images to the front and back sides of the t-shirt or even on the sleeves! 

4. Pay for the service and a ready t-shirt or a bag will come to your address in a short time directly from the factory.

You can order the garments from any country of the world because we fulfill worldwide delivery.

Also, using a very convenient customization tool you can create a t-shirt, hoodie, or even a bag with your design for your family members and friends!
Please use ML10 coupon code for 10% discount for all visitors.

Welcome to JEEKLS.COM!

Here the examples of the products

cap jeekls white new tr
t shirt canon

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