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new universal laser module made by minilablaser

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Dear colleagues,
Today we would like to remind you that from August 1, 2021, we started to offer new prices for all laser modules of our production.
Thus, a new module for laser units of type A \ A1, B \ B1 costs only 700 Euro with a three-year warranty.
If you purchase our new universal module, it will cost 800 Euro.
The universal module can be installed on any type of Noritsu laser and is the optimal choice for service engineers, which will allow them to have only two modules in stock for emergencies: blue and green.
It does not require a connection to the original laser driver because it utilizes its own internal laser driver and has a very reliable design.

Choosing the type of laser is easy: Just flop the built-in dip switches up or down and that’s it.
It takes 1 minute.

Please note:
The laser module does not need to be connected to the original laser driver, which increases the reliability of the system.

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