HS1800 film scanner Noritsu for sale

HS1800 for sale at minilablaser.com

Written by Evgenii


The sale kit consists of:
– HS1800A scanner
– 135/250 ANC-II film carrier with a film holder
– 120AFC-II film carrier
Software Kit:
– HS1800 system program v.7.0. for Win7/10 x64
– TWAIN driver
– Digital Masking Software v.1.00
– Special correction software kit:
– Tone Curve Software Z810306-01
– Spot correction Software Z810305-01
– Soft Filter Software Z810304-01
– Scene Correction Software Z810307-01
– Cross Filter Software Z810303-01
– HS1800 full set of manuals
– HS1800 parts list
– USB cable v.2.0
– cable to mains
– antistatic brush and
– antistatic brush holder

The perfect working condition.



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  1. I like this price more than the old one 🙂
    Do you ship to Romania?
    How much it will be by a courier?

  2. Free shipping to Romania.

  3. Can’t use 120film?
    Do I have to purchase the AFC120II separately?

    Do you ship to South Korea?
    How much it will be by courier?

  4. Of course, it can use if to use a special film carrier 120AFCII.
    Unfortunately, it is not in the kit so far and we are waiting for it from our supplier. But the price will be higher.
    Yes, we can send it to South Korea of course.
    Please provide me with your ZIP code by email [email protected].

  5. Update:
    Today we received the 120AFC-II negative carrier for HS1800 from our supplier and we are ready to offer our customer a huge discount for the scanner 900 EURO for two weeks only.
    Please rush to have a good professional USB scanner for a reasonable price!

  6. The scanner was sold.
    We are waiting for another one from the customs and will expose it for sale very soon (after the finish of all tests).
    Please stay tuned.

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