NORITSU QSS3704HD QUAD for sale!

Written by Eugene Dimov


Hi, All,

We can offer Noritsu QSS-3704HD with Quad paper magazine system – one of the best and the rarest models of Noritsu!
This model is the best choice for all who needs a high speed and high capacity Noritsu minilab.
The printer is like new.
Take a look attached photos.

Print Counter just 245’000 photos.

Original Green Laser operating, not changed.
No any I/O board or other electronics replaced.
First Installed in Dec 2010
Printer LP 2500G2
Paper Loading with Quad Magazine

The Kit consists of:
Paper magazines – 4 pcs.,
Monitor – 1 pc.,
KeyBoard – 1 pc.,
Mouse – 1 pc.,
LAN cable

Price 38’000 €.
The lab is on sale on the term: “First come- first served”!
Pay 3000 € as a reservation deposit and we will keep it for you.

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